What’s your model?

We manufacture, market and sell authentic detailed scale models to companies, collectors’ networks and retailers all over the world.

The leading scale model supplier

Are you a company with products such as vehicles or industrial machines? If so, we believe that a scale model or miniature will the best promotional product for your brand.

We manufacture, market and sell authentic, detailed scale models to companies, collectors’ networks and retailers the world over. We have unsurpassed experience in scale model production and are the preferred partner for companies such as Volvo, JCB, CASE, Alfa Laval and many more.

How do we do it?

We tailor each item in terms of quality level and product purpose to meet your preferences. We handle production all the way from the initial basic material to final delivery.

Through our global network of distributors to the hobby and collector sectors, we also help you choose the appropriate production numbers and promote your brand outside your channel of distribution.

To produce the best scale model for you, we just need:

Some initial input. We don’t need much to give you an accurate price estimate thanks to our documented experience. For production we need basic material such as a 3D image of the real product. The more details we get, the better the model will be.

Time. By involving us early in the planning of campaigns or the launch of the full-size product, we will be able to give you a model that is better and cheaper!

Your approval. You need to sign off on the important milestones in the process so you can ensure that the final product is as close to your expectations in terms of quality and accuracy.

We’re a full-service provider and will also help you with warehousing and distribution. However, if you prefer you can purchase direct from our factory – with your convenience in focus.

Please visit our website: http://motorart.se for more information.