Create a centralized, lean and cost efficient solution of all your in store material.

We are a full-service provider for in-store materials, a one stop shop, who creates a simple, cost-effective, time-saving solution, which gives you control over spendings.

Control your spendings

Brandon is your full-service provider. With our one-stop shop we simplify your everyday handling of in-store materials. We ensure consistency in the use of your brand. We give you full control over purchases and reduce your costs. Our customers such as PUMA, Intersport and Saint Laurent have all reported significant cost reductions owing to lower product prices as well as lower shipping costs, less administration and resource savings.

We appreciate the problems involved in designing, sourcing, purchasing, warehousing and distributing your in-store materials, and we have the knowhow and resources to take care of all this for you. Brandon ensures that your in-store experience is consistent throughout your retail world and that you benefit from our economies of scale.

Our unsurpassed experience and our large network of suppliers and factories allow us to give you the best products in terms of preferred quality and price. Regardless of whether you are looking for quick delivery, unique design, high quality or special materials, we have the solution.

By consolidating purchases, we increase our production volumes which in turn means that we significantly reduce our customers’ costs.

As a Brandon customer you get much more than just high-quality in-store materials at a great price. We not only produce the items, we also make sure that all in-store materials are available for your retailers by providing the tools they need to place orders. We also safeguard distribution so the products can be delivered to the right place at the right time.

Let us help you create a centralized, lean and cost-efficient solution for all your in-store material – we know it will have a positive effect on your bottom line.

Why work with us

  • Product Range
    Proven experience developing in-store materials such as Retail Supplies (mannequins, hangers, bags and other consumables), POP & POS Material (shop-in-shop solutions, marketing materials, displays etc) and giveaway products.
  • Cost savings
    Our customers all report significant cost reductions after introducing our services
  • Global presence
    We are working on a global scale with localized solutions for your key markets.
  • Logistics expert
    Our team have in-depth knowledge in global logistics to ensure efficient distribution from our warehouses to your retailers all over the world
  • Full-service Solution
    Brandon can handle all communication, sales, distribution and invoicing of your in-store materials, including tailor-made web shops representing your brand to cater for ease of purchase
  • Flexibility
    We can tailor the solution to fit the unique needs of your retail chain.
  • Insight and experience
    We have a wealth of experience which allows us to make strong recommendations to our clients about the do’s and do not’s to have a successful merchandise business.

Selected clients

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent