Original Brand Merchandise

Brand Merchandise

Make powerful impressions with original merchandise

Just like advertising, branded merchandise plays a crucial role in gaining brand impressions. In fact, branded merchandise has been shown to generate more impressions per dollar, than any other form of media. Because with the right product – one that people use frequently over a long period – you not only impress the user but everyone who sees it.

Brand extension

Diversify your brand’s touchpoints

We help you to leverage your brand, extending it to new products which become part of your customers’ daily lives. Beyond paying for brand impressions, it’s about extending your brand’s reach and value. We can help you sell our original merchandise directly to your customer. And you’ll not only be on brand – you’ll show you understand the needs and interests of your audience too.

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Employee branding

Share pride, excitement and gratitude

No one champions your brand quite like your employees. Welcome kits, benefit programs, Christmas gifts – show employees that you value them. On top of that, through the choice and design of the merchandise, you can remind employees what your brand stands for.

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In-store materials
Deliver consistent experiences and save money

From price tags to shopping bags, regardless of geographical location, your customers should experience the same brand. Consolidating your global purchasing power also reduces the cost of your in-store materials. We have saved customers 20% in the first year of implementing our retail solution.

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Corporate Fashion

Dress to match your brand’s identity

Choose a uniform that meets your quality and sustainability standards. Plus, a globally consistent corporate fashion strategy enables you to capitalize on your purchasing power and reduce costs.

Gifts with purchase

Surprise and delight your customers

Gain a competitive edge and boost your average order value by offering a gift with purchase.

It makes customers feel valued and can be a tangible representation of an intangible product. Done well, the gift returns much more to you.

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Be the brand that’s remembered

Whether it’s internal or external, big or small, the right branded merchandise can create and maintain memories long after an event has finished. From clothing to giveaways, your original merchandise will always be on brand and on theme.

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