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Upcycle waste with purpose

Volvo Cars is known for protecting the lives of people both inside and outside of their cars.

Today, with our support, the company is showing the same dedication to creating a positive climate impact and protecting the planet. Through creative redesign and savvy attention to detail, Brandon has developed one of the world’s most interesting brand merchandise collections and product packaging by upcycling Volvo Car’s waste materials.

What was the challenge?

Volvo Cars approached Brandon with a question: how can we make use of leftover leather from the production of car interiors?

It was also important to meet Volvo Car’s brand requirements for merchandise:

From waste material to premium lifestyle products

Not only have we transitioned existing leather products in Volvo Car’s portfolio to upcycled leather – we have also expanded the collection with new products made from reclaimed leather waste.

We began by presenting Volvo Cars with inspiring examples of upcycled leather products. Once a product was approved, we made regular visits to assess the quality of the waste leather material available, as well as its color, size, and the number of “hides”. This allowed us to calculate how many and which products could be produced from the waste leather. Once the upcycled leather products were manufactured, we launched them on the Volvo Car webshop. Brandon designed the webshop to mirror the high-end look and feel of the Volvo Car brand. We also created the possibility for shipments to be consolidated with other Volvo Car product segments, resulting in yet another win for the environment.

The Volvo “Upcycled Collection” includes:

What was the outcome?

We successfully replaced all production of virgin leather items with reclaimed leather from car production waste.

Avoiding the use of virgin leather has lowered the water consumption of product manufacturing and reduced their emissions impact on the environment.

To-date, Volvo Cars has sold almost 100,000 items from the Upcycled Collection, rescuing 6.6 tons of leather from being scrapped and saving approximately 1,056,000 l of water.

We have also discontinued the use of polythene bags. Today, as well as FSC-certified paper boxes, many items in the Upcycled Collection are packed in upcycled Cartec dust bags.

It’s important to collaborate with other like- minded companies, suppliers and organizations, to drive our own sustainability performance and change within our industry.

Reimagined Laptop Sleeve
Beautiful laptop sleeve made from reclaimed waste leather meets Volvo Car’s requirements for high quality and design.
Upcycled Home Key Ring
As well as leather, we created products from other materials such as this key ring made from a reclaimed car safety belt.
Upcycled leather
items sold
tons of
Volvo Charging Cable
Upcycled leather phone charging cable is a great example of how we have connected merchandise with the customer’s life in the car.

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