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Our sustainability work goes beyond choosing product materials

We take responsibility for social, environmental, and economic sustainability throughout our value chain, with human rights integrated into everything we do.

And we firmly believe in transparency too. So, if you’re interested in more details about Brandon’s sustainability, we recommend you read our most recent Sustainability Report.

An honest look at the impact of our business

As is typical for most companies, Scope 3 is the largest source of emissions for Brandon. The three biggest contributors are: Waste generated, transportation, and production.

However, we’re pleased to have good control over our Scope 1 and 2 emissions. And, by sticking to our fundamentals (below) we hope to reduce our Scope 3 emissions too.

Climate KPIs

Total emissions in 2022 – CO2e, tonnes
Scope 1
Total emissions in 2022 – CO2e, tonnes
Scope 2
Total emissions in 2022 – CO2e, tonnes
Scope 3

*Estimations are based on The Greenhouse Gas Protocol and using their evaluation tool

Fundamentals about the way we work

Our work is guided by some strong commitments to ourselves and the way we choose to work. You can read them all by requesting a copy of our Sustainability Report. Here are 10 commitments to give you an idea:


Always offer the customer a “better choice” product


Eliminate all PVC products in our offer


No single use plastics


Only use paper from FSC certified sources


Only offer recycled, recyclable or reusable packaging


Primarily pack for protective purposes to reduce packaging


All suppliers must accept the Brandon Code of Conduct and be BSCI certified or audited by a reputable company


Always offer high-quality, long-lasting products and materials to increase the lifecycle of the product


Trace and certify sources of sustainable materials


Only air freight on the customer’s demand

We’re not perfect, but we’re proud of our progress

After years of planning and hard work, we were proud to achieve the following results in 2022:

renewable energy at all owned and operated sites
FSC certified paper in all products and packaging
of all transport cartons FSC certified sources, recycled material and recyclable
of product packaging recycled or recyclable
of sales driven from sustainable products
of personnel management positions held by women

How do we ensure sustainability from our suppliers?

We use these KPIs to ensure we only work with suppliers who meet the high standards set by Brandon and our customers:

Suppliers who have signed our Code of Conduct

BSCI approved suppliers

Social and environmental screening

Sustainable transports
Suppliers covered by due diligence

UN Sustainability Goals

The UN Sustainability Goals provide “a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future”.

Since 2019, Brandon has worked towards Sustainable Development Goals that most directly relate to our value chain and business. Or, in other words, where we can make the most impact.

UN Global Compact Focus Areas

Both Brandon, and our suppliers, align with the United Nations Global Compact’s ten guiding principles, which encompass four fundamental areas:

Human rights



Traced & Audited Anti-corruption

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