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About us

Our History

Our story starts in Sweden, 1987. Originally founded as a logistics, trading and handling company, we gained knowledge and experience that still serves us today.

It wasn’t until the year 2000 that we had our first brand merchandise customer – Volvo Cars – who is still a customer over two decades later. Indeed, our company is built on close, long-term partnerships with world-class brands.

We’ve had similar partnerships with Hilti, Saint Laurent, and PUMA – who liked our merchandise for the Volvo Ocean Race so much, they bought us in 2009!

Today we have offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Warehouses in Sweden, China, USA and strategic partnerships in Canada, USA and Japan. The truth is, you will find us where our customers need us. That’s why Brandon has had offices in USA, UK, Finland, Norway, Germany and Italy over the years.

In 2016, Brandon management bought the company from PUMA – who we still have as a highly valued customer.

The systems and infrastructure we inherited from PUMA, and have continued to develop since, is nothing short of world-class. And, in many ways, is what makes us truly industry leading.

Meet the management team

They are the architects of Brandon’s success. And yes, they do a great job inspiring our teams and upholding Brandon’s philosophy. But speak to them and you’ll find their greatest strength is being honest and friendly people. We’ve provided email and LinkedIn buttons for a reason – feel free to connect.

Supervisory Board

Amanda Wyatt


Magnus Sandebert


Patrik Jirblom

Sourcing & Purchasing Manager

Mathias Andreasson

Head of Operations

Commercial Leadership Team

Sandra Fjellström

Head of Marketing & Portfolio

Padraic Nugent

Head of Sales & Customer Journey

Jacob Nordström

Head of Product & Buying