Original Brand Merchandise

Our approach

Detailed plans with the big picture in mind

Brands, industries, products, and audiences can vary greatly. And while we need to be flexible and open-minded to create genuinely great merchandise, we follow a consistent and proven formula to get there.


Identifying the cross section between brand, merchandise and target audience

It all begins with understanding your needs. So, we delve into the purpose of your branded merchandise, studying the individuals who’ll receive it and, possibly, internal stakeholders who will order it.

Our thorough analysis includes:

Guided by this insight, we outline product categories, price segments, and forecasted usage, shaping the long-term look of your merchandise portfolio. Simultaneously, your brand values become our creative compass, influencing the quality, sustainability, and aesthetics of each product. It’s this strategic approach that ensures every item aligns perfectly with your vision and budget.


Infusing the brand into every detail

Creativity fuels our work at Brandon. It shines in our designs, guides our marketing, and propels our sales. We don’t just produce merchandise – we craft unique experiences and build innovative solutions for how your merchandise is sold, delivered, packaged and enjoyed by users.

Take, for instance, our work for King

The token-based, employee benefits platform not only required out-of-the-box thinking to conceptualize, but it also demanded creative technical solutions to enable token payments, manage balances, and ensure a seamless user experience.

Then there's our Upcycled Collection for Volvo Cars

With creative ingenuity and a commitment to sustainability, we reimagined how scrap materials could be transformed into high-quality products that reflected the Volvo brand.


Experienced at finding opportunities, and ready to take them

Our deep involvement in the production of millions of products every year – from concept to design, manufacturing to distribution – gives us the opportunity to make a real difference.

Getting your product right

We can improve the sustainability of your product by analyzing and improving its lifecycle, recyclability, and more.

Plus, we have certain sustainability commitments like: always offering you a “better choice” option, designing products to last, and tracing and certifying sources of all sustainable materials used.

Did you know? 80% of our sales were sustainable products last year, read more facts on our Sustainability page.

Working with partners we trust

We thoroughly evaluate the sustainability of our suppliers, applying globally recognized standards (UN Global Compact and Amfori BSCI) and these KPIs:

Suppliers who have signed our Code of Conduct
BSCI approved suppliers
New suppliers that have been screened using social and environmental criteria
Sustainable transports
Suppliers covered by due diligence
Demands you may have


Ready to grow with a dynamic approach

We’re not just a service provider, we’re a flexible extension of your brand, scaling our solutions to fit your unique needs.

Whether it’s establishing a local presence in specific markets or adapting to complex budget or approval structures, we’ll find a solution.

Past experiences include setting up operations in various locations worldwide, and designing custom tools in our webshop for budget and approval management. We’re committed to delivering speed to market and ready to offer scalable solutions that grow with your ambitions.

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