Original Brand Merchandise

Tell your story with original brand merchandise

Welcome to Brandon – your creative brand merchandise agency. We design, develop, globally distribute and manage product portfolios that embody your brand.

Make merchandise worth keeping

The secret to successful brand merchandise is that it’s kept and used regularly. Because if it takes about 10 interactions with a brand to make an impression, imagine what 1,000 will achieve.

That’s why our promotional products connect your brand to the life of the audience. Original to your brand and made to last, we design merchandise to be used, seen and appreciated thousands of times.

Thinking about sustainability?
We are too.

Read the Brandon Sustainability Report 2022 to see how we’re improving the sustainability of our own operations, as well as our customers’ merchandise.

End to end services

We’ll support you at every step

We do more than design and produce original merchandise to tell your brand story. We also help large companies to centralize and consolidate purchasing, ensuring lower prices and brand consistency across international markets. We can help you at every step: from concept to customer service.

Creative partner

Our merchandise is much more than a logo on a product. We will design and produce a complete product portfolio that’s connected to your vision, target audience and brand drivers.

Insight & Experience

Selling millions of products every year, we’ve learned a lot about optimizing brand merchandise. Managing portfolios, pricing, communications, logistics – our team can advise you on key decisions.

Full-service worldwide

After designing, sourcing and producing your merchandise, we can ensure consistency and compliance across international markets, promote sales, and manage supply chains to control costs.


We develop and design webshops to drive sales for your products, offer up-to-date technology and provide a seamless user experience to ensure the highest conversion rates.

Trusted by world-class brands