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Sustainability in action at our Gothenburg warehouse

Gothenburg warehouse at a glance

We know our customers are looking for environmentally responsible partners to integrate into their supply chain.

So, we are continuously seeking ways to improve the sustainability of our operations. And while we’re not perfect – we are proud of what we have achieved to-date at our warehouse in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Gothenburg, Sweden


3,300 square meters


1,500 daily orders

Full-time employees




Environmentally certified by BREEAM and ISO

BREEAM is a global certification system, operated in Sweden by the Sweden Green Building Council. In an assessment of 10 performance categories – like Energy, Transport, Water and Waste – we scored above 50% in seven categories. And in two of those, Management and Control, and Waste, we received a 100% score. Overall, our warehouse in Gothenburg was rated “Very Good” by BREEAM’s inspectors.

In addition to the BREEAM certification of the warehouse building, we have also received ISO 14001 certification for Brandon’s management and operations at the warehouse. This means that Brandon demonstrated an ability to “manage its environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner that contributes to the environmental pillar of sustainability.”

Packing with
sustainability in mind

At our Gothenburg warehouse, a team of seven full-time Brandon employees fulfil up to 1,500 orders per day.

During our work, we implement initiatives that follow the sustainability principle of “reduce, reuse and recycle”, examples of which include:

How is
waste recycled?

Waste is an inevitable part of any packaging operation. With the support of our partners, Stena Recycling, we can handle our waste responsibly.

We collect and sort waste, such as plastic, scrap pallets, steel and cardboard for collection by Stena Recycling. Not only is Stena Recycling locally based in Gothenburg, they also make consolidated waste collections in order to minimize their fuel consumption.

Occasionally, we have leftover merchandise in the warehouse, perhaps because a company has changed its brand identity. In such cases, we either recycle this merchandise or arrange for its distribution through charities to people who could benefit from it.

Making sustainable improvements, big and small

We have complete control over all operational decisions at our premises in Gothenburg.

From the choice of packaging materials to equipment, we have the chance to reduce the climate impact of our business:

For more information please contact:

Mathias Andreasson

Head of Operations